Because waiting in line at 5am and sending your self tapes into a void isn't working, and your artistry deserves to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

Coaching for actors who are ready to step into a new era of their career.

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✓ not feeling seen in the audition room

✓ crossing fingers with zero career path

✓ feeling at a standstill with no forward momentum

I get it, because I've
been where you are.

... and all the while knowing that if
you could *just get seen*,
you'd finally start seeing results.

This industry is a business, and you need a roadmap (and a great one at that).

One that leaves you feeling more like the artist you want to be.

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clients booked

And although those      client wins are cool,
my favorite ones are the ones I get to witness every day:

✓ getting their first broadway audition
✓ locking down a contract for a dream regional theatre
✓ nailing a callback, and creating industry relationships
... and so many more.

I think it's time you had results like that, don't you?

here's how we can work together.

For actors that are looking for career guidance and navigation. All virtual via zoom. Actor/career conversation where I assess any gaps/roadblocks in your career, and curate a roadmap for you based on your needs and desires.

1 on 1 Career Coaching


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Creating a roadmap towards sustainable (and enjoyable!) longevity as an actor. This package includes sessions brainstorming and solidifying important industry folks to connect with, song/scene/monologue selections and coaching, personalized clear showbiz goals, and industry reach out mastery.

Career Lift Package

4 sessions for $530

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Have a big audition coming up? Congrats! Let's elevate that audition material, and find a version of this character that will be exciting, innovative, and YOU. 

Audition Coaching


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all sessions are conducted via zoom, so no matter where you are in the world, i gotchu ;)

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"I wouldn’t even think twice to come back to him for any advice with auditions, representation, business, or branding.

 Not only did he help me achieve my goal of finding new representation, he helped reframe my mindset and refresh my own approach to who I am as an actor and a business person."

—-Ryan Breslin, Beetlejuice (Broadway)

"Since working with Spencer I have signed with an agent, been booked consistently, and found myself in numerous callbacks between Boston, NYC, and for national tours.

“Working with Spencer has absolutely changed my perspective on my how I run the business of my career."

—-Liza Giangrande

"Working with Spencer has helped me to understand how much agency I have in my career as an actor. 

There is so much out of our control, but Spencer teaches his clients to take advantage of what is in our control. Thanks to our work, I feel comfortable advocating for myself as an actor and as a person. In our sessions, Spencer creates a safe and familiar environment that encourages me to take risks, be silly and speak my mind. I'm so appreciative of Spencer and all of his work.“

—-Mac Myles

"Spencer gave me autonomy and actionable steps over the gatekeeping in the industry to be able to make career moves.

He is able to reframe the slog of auditions into a situation where you are building a long lasting career.Also, his positivity is contagious! He made me believe in myself again. “

—-Margo Plum

✓ What's in your audition book
✓ Marketing & branding yourself as an actor
✓ Which industry connections to make 
✓ Actor mindset shifts
 ✓ Agent & Manager help
✓ Becoming more visible in your auditions
✓ Finding career targets and working smarter, not harder
✓ Getting rid of roadblocks 

Curious what we can cover? 

(I thought you'd never ask!)

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... and so much more!

Frequently Asked Q's

You just need to be ready to desire the career you so badly want. I will cater your roadmap to where you are in your career, and positively challenge your artistry no matter what! 

Not a problem at all! I see tons of clients who live in other parts of the country, and internationally. My business is completely virtual, and I make plans for actors from any part of the world. 

Let's do a first session, get to know each other, and see if my guidance feels right and comfy for you. If you think there's action ahead for us, I recommend buying a package to stay consistent, and help hold you accountable. 

Ready to work together?

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