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six (Broadway), Here Lies Love (Broadway)

Jasmine Forsberg

"I leave every session feeling extremely prepared and well-equipped with tools I can implement in all of my work.”

“Spencer Glass is an extraordinary coach who creates a safe space for actors to take risks and play. He encourages actors to explore nuanced choices that ground their work in reality and extend far beyond what’s on the page."

Beetlejuice, newsies, & more (Broadway)

Ryan Breslin

"I would recommend Spencer Glass to anyone, any age, at any crossroads in the theater industry for career coaching. 

"Not only did he help me achieve my goal of finding new representation, he helped reframe my mindset and refresh my own approach to who I am as an actor and a business person. I wouldn’t even think twice to come back to him for any advice with auditions, representation, business, or branding. 10 out of 10 would recommend!"

Succession (HBO)

Aisling Halpin

"Spencer’s guidance and counsel has been truly essential to navigating the next phase of my career. 

He makes me feel seen and heard, but also is able to push me and not allow me to “settle”. Spencer helps me feel like I can achieve my goals and gives strong, constructive feedback, along with great action items to help move your career forward. With Spencer's continuing help, I feel empowered pursuing a career in this industry and excited for the future."

Law & order
mamma mia tour ('23)

Emily Croft

"With Spencer, I have successfully been able to connect and sign with a new agent, ask for an audition for a dream show that I ended up booking...

and overall just feel like I have a solid package of material and confidence to keep reaching for my dreams in this business. Working with Spencer gave me permission to advocate for myself. He taught me how to reach out and talk about myself confidently without feeling like I was being cringey or self-absorbed.”

Maya Musial

"With his encouragement and advice I have have recently signed with a new agent that believes in me.

I turned to Spencer when I was losing the energy to tread water in my career. He acted as a lifeboat. Throughout our time together he has helped me find my niche in the musical theatre industry so now when I see the hoards of talented people waiting to audition before me I think, 'Cool I'm gonna bring something different' versus 'I hope I'm better than all of them so I can stand out."

Michael Doliner

"Spencer provides the tools, council, and methodology for taking total ownership of your artistry and business.

Spencer makes me feel like I am in complete control of my career. So often, as performers, we’re told that we’re at the bottom of the food chain. That we should “take what we can get". In our coachings, we are able to flip the narrative and create a world where both sides of the table have a respectful and equal partnership.” 

Bronte Upshaw

"He sees past your “type” into who you are as a person and artist, inspires me to be fully in the drivers seat of my career...

has helped me connect with incredible casting teams, and given me faith back in myself.  The amount of love, care, and attention to detail he puts into every coaching is truly awe-ispiring. I’m endlessly grateful for his honesty, his dedication, his insane Rolodex of strategic tips, and above all- the hope and breath of fresh air he has given to me and countless others. “

Max Meyers

“Spencer is as compassionate as they come. He somehow manages to make me feel safe to express my scary emotions while also motivating me to take brave steps forward in my career.”

Liza Giangrande

"Since working with Spencer I have signed with an agent, been booked consistently....

forged new relationships with casting directors, and found myself in numerous callbacks between Boston, New York City, and for national tours. Working with Spencer has absolutely changed my perspective on my how I run the business of my career. Not only has he helped me grow as a performer, but has also taught me how to consistently feel powerful in an industry where it sometimes feels like we don’t have control over our trajectory! He is kind, honest, and sees artists for who they truly are. My favorite thing about Spencer is the way he makes us feel HEARD (as well as making our dreams come true.)"

Mac Myles

"Thanks to our work, I feel comfortable advocating for myself as an actor and as a person.

Working with Spencer has helped me to understand how much agency I have in my career as an actor. There is so much out of our control, but Spencer teaches his clients to take advantage of what is in our control. In our sessions, Spencer creates a safe and familiar environment that encourages me to take risks, be silly and speak my mind. I'm so appreciative of Spencer and all of his work.“

Margot Plum

"He gave me autonomy and actionable steps over the gate keeping in the industry to be able to make career moves.

Spencer remembers everyone and knows how they’re connected! He is able to reframe the slog of auditions into a situation where you are building a long lasting career. Also, his positivity is contagious! He made me believe in myself again.“

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